Why Our Clients Choose Asbury...

“I was searching for a comprehensive source of market insights to guide and inform my investing activity. After listening to an Investment Outlook presentation by John Kosar, I signed up as a client of Asbury Research (Asbury) in August 2017. My reward for becoming an Asbury client is gaining access to a tremendous amount of technical market information in an easily understood format across a broad swath of markets (equities, commodities, currencies, interest rates, etc.). Great additions to the research information are actionable trade ideas and talking with John to get answers to questions and real time insights. My risk management actions have been improved by the tools available through Asbury. I’m very pleased with the service and the research is an asset to my investment activities.

Individual Investor, Bellevue WA

“I read your analysis on Monday. By the close on Tuesday I had made over $1,000 which pays me back more than double your quarterly fee IN ONE DAY! I’m up over $1,300 today.  Absolutely fantastic!  Thanks so much to you and your team for the valuable research you do. I’m really looking forward to making better investment decisions, doing something with my retirement nest egg besides watching it sit in cash month after month, and learning how to do it from the experts along the way.  Chalk me up as a highly satisfied customer.

Individual Investor, San Jose CA

“Thanks for the voice mail last week.  I am very, very happy with your service because it gives me the courage to go into the market and helps me assess when to go out of the market. I also did very well trading with your Asbury Momentum Model and am exited about using your new Asbury Value Model.”

CEO, Small Cap Biotech Firm, Boston



I want to thank you for keeping my investment to a minimum (during the current correction), saving me money.  I would have been much higher percentage invested if it hadn’t been for your Correction Protection Model, so thanks.  I know we investors get impatient, but now I know you will tell us when the time is right to get back into the market.”

Independent Investor, Florida


I just started following John Kosar’s work in April 2017. If I closed out all my positions today [10/4/2017], I would be ahead 16.9% based on my daily average capital invested in Asbury Trade Ideas. (Editor’s Note: The S&P 500 was up 7.6% during the same period.) This is the best return on investment I have personally experienced.

I also find the matrix of commentary and other information on leading market indicators in the Asbury reports has provided the context necessary for me to be comfortable with decisions on how much to invest as new trading ideas become available. Going forward, risk management will be increasingly important. Seeing how the Asbury team manages risk through stop loss adjustments is instructive for my management of some other parts of my investment portfolio. In short, this is the best market research and source of actionable trade ideas I have seen.

Independent Investor, Texas


“I have been with Asbury for about ten years.  It is a very basic part of my work.  Last year (2016) Asbury helped me ignore Brexit, dropped from 1.6x equity to .75 equity on September 1, 2016.  Then, on November 3 and 4, 2016, per Asbury’s analysis. I levered back up to 1.6x equity.  Only recently have I shaved the margin down to 1.3x.  Return for the year?  17.03% net.  It was another good year thanks to Asbury.  Year to date February 8, 2017 I am up 4.97% net.”

Sell Side Fund Manager/CFA, Major Wire House, Houston

Asbury Research is the single best market research provider that I have had in the past 20 years of my investing and trading experience.  Their data driven approach to markets has given me more insight and knowledge to make better, more accurate decisions.  It’s an amazing service and well worth the investment!”

Private Investor, Atlanta

“I have used Asbury Research in my practice for a few years now and not only has Asbury’s calls been right almost every time and made my clients money, but I also have been able to use the concise information provided to me every week as talking points with clients. They think that I am really smart, please don’t tell them that it’s Asbury who is the smart one.”

Principal, Financial Services Firm, Pittsburgh

“I joined the Asbury Research “fan club” in the spring of 2016.  For years I have struggled with garnering actionable trades from some very good research, just so esoteric that I could not put it to use — that is, until I met John Kosar and Asbury at a NAAIM (National Association of Active Investment Managers) conference a few years ago.  I can’t begin to tell you what a game changer his research has made in my models and my practice.  If you want concise, technically driven, actionable research – spend the money and hire John and crew for your team like I did.

Principle, Registered Investment Advisor, Sioux Falls, SD

“I’ve spent the last year or so to thinking about managing money for clients and, obviously, financial planners do a lot of different things for clients.  We justify charging our fees because of all the services we perform such as, retirement advice, tax advice, etc. But what is the thing the clients want the most?  They want to know that I’m adding value regarding their money management, that’s the number one item.  Otherwise what are they paying for?  I have tried lots of different ideas and different systems and none of them have been great, But by utilizing your services, I have been able to do some special things for people.

Financial Planning Firm, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Asbury Research has been an invaluable tool for my practice. John and his team provide accurate, relevant, timely, and actionable information which is easy to put to use. John is always responsive and generous with his time when called upon for insight. Asbury Research has ultimately led to a better understanding of markets and, in turn, has helped solidify client relationships.”

Wealth Management Firm, Oak Brook, Illinois

“Excellent presentation today.  It reminded me why I elected to join your service about a year ago: you do a great job of distilling a tremendous amount  of technical information into understandable, actionable insights.  Coming from a technical background myself, I appreciate how very difficult that is to do.  Again, job well done.  Lastly, thanks again for your call late November/early December (2015) recommending that I “play defense.”  Truthfully, your personal attention caught me off guard- I’ve not been used to such service. Although not fully invested at that time, I was in “too much.”  I took your advice to heart and unwound more positions- some that were not that old.   But in hindsight, you gave clear warning.  I now believe that my growing trust in and understanding of your messages will help me better stay on the right side of intermediate and long term trends.  Thanks for all your efforts.”

C. Harris, Independent Investor, Florida

“Asbury Research is our most balanced and detailed research tool.   John (Kosar, Asbury’s Investment Strategist) looks at the markets with a macro view, taking into account a host of factors for each asset and situation.  We’ve worked with a lot of people who have a very narrow view of the markets, and who seem more interested in hiding their secret sauce or hedging their advice than in providing real value in investment analysis, which is why John is so refreshing. And perhaps most valuable of all, John Kosar focuses on tracking leading indicators, not lagging indicators, and turning them into actionable signals. We look forward to our future in partnership with Asbury Research.”

Independent Financial Advisor, St. Paul Minnesota

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with John (Kosar) and the team at Asbury Research. Being able to look under the hood of the market and better understand areas of strength and weakness will be valuable tools to assist us with our risk management.

William Kring, CIO & Founder, Wealth & Pension Services Group, Atlanta

“I have managed money for almost 20 years and have seen and used a lot of research.  Asbury’s research can be quickly integrated into anyone’s investment decision process to determine technical support of conclusions drawn from other analysis.  Asbury’s process is very comprehensive and provides invaluable insight into financial market trends and reversals, especially during periods of high uncertainty.

James R. Oswald, CFA, Investment Management Firm, Chicago

“As a comprehensive financial advisor to affluent middle-age and retired individuals, I have to stay on top of many different aspects of financial planning.  Asbury Research saves me significant time by providing the current state of the markets with a concise report every week, which gives me great talking points for clients and key input for my investment strategy, especially on deciding when to hedge.   I have come to rely on it.”

Principal, Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Management Firm, Pittsburgh


“I have reviewed many technical research products over the years and John Kosar’s Asbury Research is the best I’ve seen to date.”

Director, Institutional Investment Research Firm, New Jersey

“Asbury Research should be a key component in any professional money manager’s resources.  Asbury provides excellent charts/analysis, in a timely fashion that clearly frames the pertinent price ranges for major markets, equities and bonds. Their equity sector calls are aggressive, forward looking and lead most others. Asbury identifies the specific key element(s) of the current market environment, simplifying the investor’s task in getting ahead of upcoming moves.”

Private Wealth Manager, Morgan Stanley, New York

“He (John Kosar, Director of Research) does excellent work on helping money managers time markets.”

Managing Director, Head Of Trading, Global Long/Short Equity Fund, Greenwich, CT

“For anyone that doesn’t know Asbury Research – they are an invaluable resource in cross asset trading.”

Robert Savage, Chief Strategist, FX Concepts, New York