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VIDEO: John Kosar, Director of Research, appeared on Fox Business on September 29th 2011 to discuss the inter-market relationship between the German DAX and S&P 500, and its directional implication for the US stock market in Q4 2011.

Kosar said that: 1) as long as the German DAX held 5150 support (which was being tested at the time), it was bullish for both the European and US stock markets, 2) he was looking for a sustainable bottom to emerge in the US stock market during the 4th Quarter, and that 3) investors should consider “participating” in bullish positions at the market’s current level.

The German DAX did indeed hold 5150 support.  The S&P 500 bottomed 3 days later at 1075 on October 29th, and subsequently rose by 218 points or +20% into the 1293 October 27th high.

Fox Business:

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September 29th, 2011 at 3:00 pm