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Investor Sentiment & Q3 US Stock Market Direction

Posted on: Friday, June 6th, 2014

The graphic below includes 2 of 39 charts that comprise our US Financial Market Chart Book for June 2014 (access requires subscription), which was distributed to Asbury Research subscribers earlier today.

“Chart Book” is a collection of key charts and data that convey our best investment ideas over the next 1-3  months for the US stock market, market sectors, and US interest rates.  It includes an accompanying video in which John Kosar, Director of Research, discusses each chart’s implications for upcoming US financial market direction.

June US Financial Market Chart Book: Slide 13 of 20

June US Financial Market Chart Book: Slide 13 of 20


Asbury Research subscribers can view the entire report, which includes newly-updated price targets for key US and European stock indexes, and our intermediate term outlook for US interest rates, by visiting our Research Center.

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