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Let us keep you one step ahead of the market.

Our 30-plus years of institutional investment experience and proprietary market analytics can help you / your firm become more successful by identifying:

  • when it’s time to be aggressive and, more importantly,
  • when it’s time to protect what you have.

The focus of our research is the US financial markets, including US stocks and market sectors, US interest rates, the US Dollar, and economically-influential commodities like gold, copper, and crude oil. However, the scope of our analysis is global as we study and integrate worldwide inter-market relationships into our process to add breadth, depth and accuracy to our investment conclusions.

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Why Clients Choose Asbury:

“I have used Asbury Research in my practice for a few years now and not only has Asbury’s calls been right almost every time and made my clients money, but I also have been able to use the concise information provided to me every week as talking points with clients. They think that I am really smart, please don’t tell them that it’s Asbury who is the smart one.”

Principal, Financial Services Firm, Pittsburgh

Asbury Research is the single best market research provider that I have had in the past 20 years of my investing and trading experience.  Their data driven approach to markets has given me more insight and knowledge to make better, more accurate decisions.  It’s an amazing service and well worth the investment!”

Private Investor, Atlanta

“We use Asbury Research as a check and balance to our internal technical research.”

US Equities Portfolio Manager, North Carolina

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Our Research and Reports:

We communicate our investment analysis and ideas to subscribers primarily via 9 different research reports, all which are accessible through the password-protected Research Center of our website.  Different combinations of reports and services are available to meet the needs of professional and individual investors.

Highly-Rated by Subscribers

Our clients are the Portfolio Managers, Head Traders and Chief Investment Officers of some of the most respected and successful investment firms in the world.  Investors that understand the value of Asbury’s independent thinking, limited distribution, and personalized attention to its clients.

Find out why these professionals chose us as independent research providers, in their own words.

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Unique, Innovative Methodology

Our proprietary analysis is based on a diverse array of market metrics including our own proprietary models and metrics, investor asset flows, global intermarket relationships, relative performance, investor sentiment, market volatility, credit spreads, seasonality, market breadth, and chart patterns and price trends to produce a comprehensive determination of:

  • WHERE the major US financial markets are headed
  • WHAT market factors are most likely to affect their current price trends
  • WHEN these trends may change, and
  • HOW to determine when they do.

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