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8 Reasons To Make Us Your Investment Research Provider In 2015

Posted on: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

  1. Independence:

    Asbury Research has no affiliations with broker-dealers, banks, or other financial institutions. Our sole objective, and how we get paid, is to provide our subscribers with investment ideas that either make money, or avoid losing money.

  2. Experience:

    John Kosar, Director of Research began his career in the Chicago futures pits in 1980, which turned out to be an incubator for his integrated intermarket approach and “under the hood” understanding of how financial markets work.

  3. Clear, Actionable Investment Ideas:

    Asbury Research gives conclusions. We are strategic 1-2 quarters out and tactical within 30 days. This means that we provide our subscribers with actionable intra-month buy and sell ideas that attempt to capture 70% or more of a more of an intermediate term price trend.

  4. Comprehensive Macro Scope:

    We are not bottom-up stock pickers, but instead utilize an integrated macro approach that produces inter-related, cross-checked strategies in a broad array of financial assets including the US stock market, US market sectors, US interest rates, the US Dollar, and alternative investments like commodities and global and emerging stock markets. We use ETFs to provide specific, actionable investment ideas in all of these assets.

  5. Quantitative / Technical Process:

    Our investment strategies are based on objective, repeatable metrics including investor asset flows, statistical relationships between a broad array of domestic and global financial asset prices, and price patterns that have consistently repeated themselves throughout history – rather than vague, anecdotal opinions on the latest economic data or geopolitical conflict.

  6. Unique Metrics:

    Asbury Research’s Sector Rotation Model is based on John Kosar’s own in-house metrics that 1) define historically over-invested and under-invested sectors based on ETF asset flows, then 2) wait for asset flows to support a move back towards historical norms, and finally 3) utilize price momentum-based metrics to confirm that the expected price move in the asset is underway.

  7. Performance:

    Our proprietary trend model for the US stock market has captured 1,233 basis points in the S&P 500 from 2007 through December 4th (+87%), almost doubling the S&P 500’s 649 basis point rise (+46%) during the same period, with significantly less volatility and without using any leverage, short positions, or derivatives. Our model only has 4 moving parts and is binary — either in the market or out of it — outperforming by simply being in it when it’s going up and out of it when it’s going down.

  8. Our Clients Love Us:

    “Asbury Research should be a key component in any professional money manager’s resources. Asbury provides excellent charts/analysis, in a timely fashion that clearly frames the pertinent price ranges for major markets, equities and bonds. Their equity sector calls are aggressive, forward looking and lead most others. Asbury identifies the specific key element(s) of the current market environment, simplifying the investor’s task in getting ahead of upcoming moves.”

    Private Wealth Manager, Morgan Stanley, New York

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