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v09_i10-Feature-UC-350px-v2-350x250A Repeatable Process: The Only Thing We Can Control

by John Kosar, CMT

More than 30 years of studying financial asset prices and related data have convinced me of one thing: Your investment process has to be logical, consistent, and repeatable. Why? Because the things that drive financial asset prices—such as economics, geopolitics, and intermarket relationships—are not. Your methodology, whatever it is, must be as robust as possible. In other words, the larger and more diverse set of tools used in your analysis, the better answers you are likely to get.

The charts in this article were selected from our firm’s Monthly Investment Compass (MIC), presented to our clients on March 16, 2016. This is a comprehensive collection of our best investment ideas for the upcoming one to several months, based on the collective input of numerous different charts and metrics.

These metrics are like colors in a painting—the more you have, the more detail you can see. Ultimately, this mosaic helps inform our actively managed investment process, which can cross several different time frames. There are as many ways to devise an investment approach as there are ways to paint a picture. These metrics are a small sample of what we find works for our firm and our clients.


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