Monthly Investment Compass (MIC) is one of a suite of investment research reports that we produce for subscribers.  MIC is a collection of price charts and various financial data series’ that collectively convey our best investment ideas for US and global asset prices over the next one to several quarters.  The report also includes our picks for where to be invested in the stock market (size, style, sector, industry group, and specific stocks and ETFs) as well as our current outlook for US Interest rates.

It includes an accompanying video in which Chief Market Strategist John Kosar discusses the implications of each chart and how it is likely to affect upcoming market direction.

Here is the summary page for the September 21st MIC with our market calls in black text, and what the market has actually done over the subsequent month in red text.

The video and PDF below are what our subscribers received on September 21st.  Now that it’s a month old, we wanted to give you access to it so you can see one of our most popular reports. 

The latest, current version of this report was sent to our subscribers earlier today.

Click Here To Download The Report (PDF)


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