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Asbury Research: US Stock Market Update, August 22nd, 2018

Both the major and minor trends in the benchmark S&P 500 (SPX) are positive (bullish) as the US broad market index is currently challenging its January all-time high at 2873.  Looking “under the hood” of the market, our Correction Protection Model (CPM) remains in a Positive, risk on mode as of July 10th while 5 of our “Asbury 6” key market internal metrics are in positive (bullish) territory.  In this type of environment we are adding risk to portfolios by investing in individual stocks and ETFs and, accordingly, have just added 4 new stocks to our buy list within the past week.

However, investors also need to be aware of the broader, overall investment environment, and right now there are definitely some headwinds to be aware of.  They include negative seasonality in the S&P 500 from now through early October, the fact that 92% of the 52 global indexes we track are in the midst of major downtrends, and, of course, this week’s latest drama out of Washington — the Manafort and Cohen convictions.

In situations like this, where the trend is positive but the environment is turbulent, it is imperative to know where the key levels are in the specific assets you invest in, and to have an actionable plan to protect capital should key levels below the market be broken The chart below shows that minor support in the S&P 500 exists at 2802 to 2791, and that major support is currently at 2715 to 2692.

S&P 500 daily since November 2017

Consistent updates on this developing situation, more charts and detail on current market conditions, plus access to our Correction Protection Model (CPM) are all available with an Asbury Research subscription.  Contact  Us for sample reports and pricing.

Asbury Investment Management (AIM): Our Latest Video

Click Here for our 08/22/2018 Video Review, which explains how we used our latest research to professionally manage client portfolios.

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