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Asbury Research: US Stock Market Update, July 31st, 2018

Both the major and minor trends in the benchmark S&P 500 (SPX) remain positive (bullish) as we head into August.  Moreover, our Correction Protection Model (CPM) has been in a Positive (risk on) mode since July 10th, and 5 of our “Asbury 6” key market internal metrics are also in positive territory.  That’s the good news.

The one of our Asbury 6 that is not in positive territory, however, is a particularly important one — investor asset flows –which could become the first indication of an emerging market decline.  The rightmost red highlights in the chart below show that the total net assets invested in the PowerShares QQQ ETF, which tracks the NASDAQ 100 (NDX), have shifted to a trend of monthly contraction (below their 21-day moving average) as of July 27th.  This means assets are leaving this market-leading ETF on a near term basis.  The longer this contraction of assets continues in the QQQs, the more vulnerable the broad market becomes to a decline — which would be indicated by a sustained move by SPX  back below the critical 2800 area.

Daily Asset Flows In QQQ Since April

Consistent updates on this developing situation, more charts and detail on current market conditions, plus access to our Correction Protection Model (CPM) are all available with an Asbury Research subscription.  Contact  Us for sample reports and pricing.

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Click Here for our 07/31/2018 Video Review, which explains how we used our latest research to professionally manage client portfolios.

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