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US Market At A Key Inflection Point

Asbury Research: US Stock Market Update, October 7th, 2018

The benchmark S&P 500 (SPX) collapsed by more than 2.4% last week, high to low, but by the close on Friday lost just 0.97% for the week and is still up 7.9% for the year.  The sharp market decline was triggered by an equally sharp move higher in the yield of the 10-Year Treasury Note, above the critical 3.13% area which we have been alerting subscribers to since May — and most recently wrote about in an October 1st article for Forbes.  By anticipating the adverse stock market move this sharp rise in interest rates provoked, we were able to avoid much of last week’s decline in investment management clients’ portfolios.

The chart below shows that last week’s pullback from the September 21st all-time highs has positioned SPX right on top of minor underlying support at 2873 to 2863.  If this support holds, it is likely to become the springboard for a rise to 3000 — our upside target for SPX since May.  If broken, however, it would clear the way for a deeper decline to the next key level at 2802 to 2763, which is major support.   We will be closely tracking our key market internals over the next several days to anticipate what the market’s next move will be.

S&P 500 daily since January

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