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Asbury Research: US Stock Market Update, June 29th 2018

The US stock market’s larger 2016 major uptrend is still intact.  However, there was a failed attempt to re-engage that uptrend in mid-March, and there could be another failed attempt brewing now due to technical breakdowns in positively correlated French and Chinese stock indices, and recent weakness here in the states in the Dow Transports (DJTA) and NYSE Composite (NYSE).

Meanwhile, many of our key near term market internals have turned negative including contracting investor asset flows, widening corporate bond spreads, and recent relative underperformance by US equity prices versus junk bond prices.  These factors have at least temporarily put us in a defensive mode in which we are significantly limiting our investment in individual stocks and instead focusing on index ETFs, the latter where we can better control our risk due to lessened volatility.

When price action and market internals indicate the potential for upcoming market weakness, as they do now, it is particularly important to know where the key levels are in major benchmark indexes so investors can distinguish opportunity from risk.  The chart below plots the current key levels in the S&P 500, both above and below the market.  A sustained decline below major support at the 200-day MA, currently at 2668, would corroborate the internal weakness we have been seeing over the past week and would warn of a deeper decline.

S&P 500 daily since Q4 2017

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Asbury Investment Management (AIM): Our Latest Video

Click Here for our 06/29/2018 Video Review, which explains how we used our latest research to better manage client portfolios.

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