In addition to our top-down, macro analysis of the US financial landscape, we also provide subscribers with specific trading ideas in a diversified list of individual stocks and ETFs that include entry price, target price, stop loss level, and corresponding risk/reward parameters.

The following table displays and breaks down our 15 most recent closed out trading ideas, through September 18th 2017, along with some performance-related information.

Click the table to enlarge.

In addition, we currently have 9 open (still active) trade ideas which:

  • show an average open trade profit of +2.7%,
  • have an average risk of just 0.5%,
  • have an average risk/reward ratio of 1:5.5 (risking $1.00 to make $5.50).

These are available to subscribers via our Research Center.

Our stock selection model first identifies stocks and ETFs that are in the midst of a pause within an established price trend, then attempts to buy the resumption of that trend at a price and time when the risk/reward parameters are the most favorable.

Our methodology is designed to produce:

  1. a high percentage of winning trades,
  2. significantly larger winning trades than losing trades, and
  3. an initial risk of 5% or less on any individual idea.

All investors should understand that investing in financial assets is a risky endeavor, and that past performance does not guarantee future results.

Asbury Research subscribers can view our current stock and ETF ideas by logging into the Research Center via the big gold button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Interested investors can see a detailed breakdown of our individual stock and ETF ideas over the past year by Clicking Here.

Non-subscribers can request more information about us, including service and pricing options, by visiting our Contact Us page or by calling 888-960-0005.

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