The chart below is one of twelve that are included in this week’s Keys To This Week report.  Keys To This Week is one of 8 different reports that we produce for clients/subscribers at various intervals throughout the month.

It shows that the 3rd week of June, which is this week, is statistically the seasonally weakest week of the entire 2nd Quarter in the S&P 500 based on data since 1957.

It is followed by the 3rd seasonally weakest week of the quarter, which is next week.

Chart 1 of 12, Keys Of This Week
Chart 1 of 12, Keys Of This Week for June 15th 2015


The red line shows that, also on average since 1957, the 3rd week of June has posted a negative weekly close 53% of the time, which is the highest incidence of a negative close for any week of the 2nd Quarter during this period.

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