• Click the link below to listen to John’s Kosar’s Thursday March 6th interview with Ryan Puplava of the popular Financial Sense website, where John and Ryan discuss Asbury Research’s:  near to intermediate term US stock market outlook, 2015 forecast for US interest rates, picks for upcoming relative outperformance in US stock market sectors, and 2015 outlook >>>

  • Our sector rotation model utilizes a combination of proprietary ETF asset flow and price momentum metrics that indicate which sectors of the S&P 500 are under-invested or over-invested, and how to profit from these conditions. In a report to subscribers on December 1st, we pointed out that the percentage of sector bet-related assets being allocated >>>

  • The table in this posting includes newly-updated, more comprehensive performance data for our “Correction Protection Model” (CPM) through December 2014. We back-tested the model from 2007 forward because this period includes both uptrends, downtrends, and sideways trends. It has been been running in real-time since September 2013.

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  • John Kosar of Asbury Research is no stranger to large technical prices moves either. Back in August 2014, Kosar explained how Asbury caught the first leg down in oil from $112 to $103, and why they though it wasn’t over yet. Yes, $103 was not the low… Good call Mr. Kosar.

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  • The chart below shows updated performance through January 2015 for the Asbury Research trend model for the S&P 500, which we now call the “Correction Protection Model” (CPM)  because it’s purpose is to simply stay invested in the stock market as much as possible while avoiding significant declines. We back-tested the model from 2007 forward >>>

  • To make our intermediate term outlook more readily accessible, we have added a new feature to the Research Center of our website.

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  • The iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) traded as high as $137.41 today to meet our $137.00 upside target, first mentioned in our January 7th report entitled US 10-Year Note: Next Stop 1.88%?, to capture a $5.61, 4.3% gain in 3 weeks.

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  • The German DAX traded as high as 10,704 today to meet our 10,600 upside target first mentioned in our January 12th Keys To This Week (access requires subscription) and again in our January 13th report entitled What’s Driving US Stocks Today, to capture an 818 point, 8.4% rise in the index in less than 2 weeks.

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  • Yesterday we presented a webinar for the Market Technicians Association (MTA) entitled “US Financial Update for January 2015”, which is a part of the MTA’s Educational Web Series from which members can earn 2 Continuing Education (CE) credits .

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  • The yield of the US 10-Year Treasury Note is currently trading at 1.82% this morning, meeting our 1.88% downside target first mentioned in our January 7th report entitled US 10-Year Note: Next Stop 1.88%? to capture an 8 bps decline in a week’s time.

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  • While the financial media and many analysts seem to be focused — if not obsessed — on oil prices’ effect on US equity prices, we have been more keenly focused on European equity prices as global investors contemplate the introduction of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank (ECB).

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  • The following is a brief excerpt and one of three charts from this morning’s report, entitled Be Wary Of This Morning’s Rally (access requires subscription), which was emailed to Asbury Research subscribers right after the US stock market opening this morning.

    The bellwether subsequently S&P 500 peaked at 2072 at 9:45 ET this morning before collapsing by 23 points or 1.1% into this morning’s lows at 2049.

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  • Earlier today, about two hours before the closing bell, John Kosar appeared on the Talking Numbers segment of CNBC’s Street Signs to discuss Asbury Research’s forecast and outlook for Cisco Systems (CSCO), which reported its fiscal first quarter earnings after the close.