Click the link below to listen to John’s Kosar’s Thursday August 6th interview with Jim Puplava of the popular Financial Sense website, where John and Jim cover US and global stock markets, market sectors, US interest rates and commodities heading into the 4th Quarter.

[jwplayer mediaid=”31145″]

John notes weakness in various indices, and believes we may be in a rolling-over period. He sees the potential for a correction of 10% or so by October, which could turn into a major buying opportunity. John and Jim also discuss the potential for the Fed to hike rates in September, and how the market may react. John also covers the recent market events in China, as well as precious metals and oil. Lastly, he mentions that the final three months of the year are seasonally the strongest for the market, with December the best month historically.

Thanks to Jim Puplava and his staff for the invitation and another opportunity to speak to his large and loyal following of professional and individual investors.


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