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Last Week’s Jump In Oil Prices<br>Helped To Buoy US Stocks

Posted on: Sunday, January 8th, 2012

The following (green highlights) is a brief excerpt from our January 3rd Keys To This Week report (access requires subscription).

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Excerpt from Keys To This Week
January 3rd, 2011
The US Stock Market

Key# 7 of 11> Intermarket Analysis: Crude Oil Prices. NEAR TO INTERMEDIATE TERM BULLISH.  In our December 16th report entitled 2 Key Intermarket Relationships To Watch Into Early 2012 we pointed out a bearish triangle pattern that initially targeted a decline to $90.00 per barrel.  However, this pattern was “broken” by the sharp rally back to $102.00 on December 27th and 28th.  This broken pattern clears the way for more strength and at least a test of $105.00 which, if reached, would definitively turn the major trend in oil prices positive (bullish).  Considering the tight and stable positive correlation between crude oil prices and the S&P 500 since October 2007, this recent bullish reversal in oil prices is seen as being indirectly bullish for the US stock market.

Crude oil prices spiked higher by $3.91 per barrel or +4% last week, while the S&P 500 coincidentally rose by 27 points or +2%

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