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More Upside For The US Market?<br>Watch Germany.

Posted on: Monday, October 21st, 2013

The following (green highlights) is a brief excerpt and one of the 12 charts that are included in today’s (October 21st)  Keys To This Week report, which was distributed to Asbury Research subscribers earlier today.

Keys To This Week, one of 8 different reports that we produce for subscribers throughout the month, is a detailed weekly outline of key market factors and corresponding charts pertaining to the US stock market and market sectors, US interest rates, and the US Dollar that are most likely to influence US financial market direction during the upcoming week.

Excerpt From: Keys To this Week
Asset Class:
US Stock Market
Topic: Intermarket Relationships
Date: October 21st 2013

Chart 6 below plots the German DAX Index daily since late 2008 and shows that the mid 2012 resumption of its 2009 major uptrend, following 2 years of sideways congestion (indicating investor indecision), targets an additional 6% advance to 9600. The DAX finished last week at 8865.

German DAX Weekly Since 2008

German DAX Weekly Since 2008

Considering the tight and stable 20-year positive correlation between the DAX and the S&P 500, this unmet upside target in the DAX is seen as being indirectly bullish for the US broad market.


The DAX has already risen by an additional 15% since our January 2nd Research Excerpt, entitled Is Europe Turning Into A Bright Spot?, was sent to our list of interested investors (including yourself) that have previously expressed an interest in us.

The S&P 500 has coincidentally risen by 19% during the same period.

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