The London FTSE 100 met our 7300 upside target on January 11th, which was first mentioned in our July 5th 2016 Keys To This Week report (access requires subscription), to capture a 755 point, 12% gain in about 6 months.

Here is the chart from our July 5th report.

London FTSE Weekly through 7/1/2016

 Here is the updated version of that chart through January 13th.

London FTSE Weekly through 1/13/2017

Our interest in the London FTSE 100 was its tight and stable long term positive correlation to the S&P 500.  Accordingly, per the correlation, an upcoming rise in the FTSE 100 should be indirectly positive for the US broad market.  It was. The S&P 500 rose by 193 points or 9% during the same period.

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