The chart and text below is an excerpt from our April 2018 Global Seasonal Analysis report, a monthly report that displays and analyzes annual, quarterly and monthly seasonal trends for 17 global asset prices including equities, benchmark interest rates, foreign exchange, and key commodity prices based on historical data going back to the 1950s.

Historical seasonality is just one of dozens of metrics that we use to forecast financial market direction.

S&P 500 Quarterly Seasonal Pattern For Q2 Since 1957

The next chart breaks the seasonal pattern in the S&P 500 down further, into a quarterly time frame via 13 weekly increments, and highlights the month of April in green. 

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The chart shows that the third week of April, which is the week of April 16th this year,  is the seasonally strongest of the entire 1st Quarter.  The chart also shows that the final two weeks of June, the weeks of June 18th and 25th, are the two seasonally weakest of the 2nd Quarter.

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