A marketing group that works with our firm said that if you want to get the best and most accurate description of your business, get it from the people who are writing checks for your products and services.

The following are 10 recent testimonials from Asbury Research subscribers, thanking us for what we do and telling us how and why we have made a positive difference in their business and in their investment decisions.

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#1: Adding Value With Good Money Management

“I’ve spent the last year or so to thinking about managing money for clients and, obviously, financial planners do a lot of different things for clients.  We justify charging our fees because of all the services we perform such as, retirement advice, tax advice, etc.  But what is the thing the clients want the most?  They want to know that I’m adding value regarding their money management, that’s the number one item.  Otherwise what are they paying for?  I have tried lots of different ideas and different systems and none of them have been great.  But by utilizing your services, I have been able to do some special things for people.

Financial Planning Firm, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

#2: Solidifying Client Relationships

Asbury Research has been an invaluable tool for my practice. John and his team provide accurate, relevant, timely, and actionable information which is easy to put to use. John is always responsive and generous with his time when called upon for insight. Asbury Research has ultimately led to a better understanding of markets and, in turn, has helped solidify client relationships.”

Wealth Management Firm, Oak Brook, Illinois

#3: Letting Clients Know When To “Play Defense”

“Excellent presentation today.  It reminded me why I elected to join your service about a year ago: you do a great job of distilling a tremendous amount  of technical information into understandable, actionable insights.  Coming from a technical background myself, I appreciate how very difficult that is to do.  Again, job well done.  Lastly, thanks again for your call late November/early December (2015) recommending that I “play defense.”  Truthfully, your personal attention caught me off guard- I’ve not been used to such service. Although not fully invested at that time, I was in “too much.”  I took your advice to heart and unwound more positions- some that were not that old.   But in hindsight, you gave clear warning.  I now believe that my growing trust in and understanding of your messages will help me better stay stay on the right side of intermediate and long term trends.  Thanks for all your efforts.”

C. Harris, Independent Investor, Florida

#4: Providing Actionable Signals

“Asbury Research is our most balanced and detailed research tool.   John (Kosar, Asbury’s Investment Strategist) looks at the markets with a macro view, taking into account a host of factors for each asset and situation.  We’ve worked with a lot of people who have a very narrow view of the markets, and who seem more interested in hiding their secret sauce or hedging their advice than in providing real value in investment analysis, which is why John is so refreshing. And perhaps most valuable of all, John Kosar focuses on tracking leading indicators, not lagging indicators, and turning them into actionable signals. We look forward to our future in partnership with Asbury Research.”

Independent Financial Advisor, St. Paul Minnesota

#5: Making Your Clients Money

“I have used Asbury Research in my practice for a few years now and not only has Asbury’s calls been right almost every time and made my clients money,  but I also have been able to use the concise information provided to me every week as talking points with clients.  They think that I am really smart, please don’t tell them that it’s Asbury who is the smart one.”

John Mouganis CFP, Mouganis Financial Services, Pittsburgh

#6: Giving Clarity During Periods Of Uncertainty

“I have managed money for almost 20 years and have seen and used a lot of research.  Asbury’s research can be quickly integrated into anyone’s investment decision process to determine technical support of conclusions drawn from other analysis.  Asbury’s process is very comprehensive and provides invaluable insight into financial market trends and reversals, especially during periods of high uncertainty.

James R. Oswald, CFA, Investment Management Firm, Chicago

#7: Providing Meaningful Talking Points For Client Meetings

“As a comprehensive financial advisor to affluent middle-age and retired individuals, I have to stay on top of many different aspects of financial planning.  Asbury Research saves me significant time by providing the current state of the markets with a concise report every week, which gives me great talking points for clients and key input for my investment strategy, especially on deciding when to hedge.   I have come to rely on it.”

Principal, Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Management Firm, Pittsburgh

#8: Generating Investment Ideas That Lead The Crowd

“Asbury Research should be a key component in any professional money manager’s resources.  Asbury provides excellent charts/analysis, in a timely fashion that clearly frames the pertinent price ranges for major markets, equities and bonds. Their equity sector calls are aggressive, forward looking and lead most others. Asbury identifies the specific key element(s) of the current market environment, simplifying the investor’s task in getting ahead of upcoming moves.”

Private Wealth Manager, Morgan Stanley, New York

#9: Avoiding Bad Decisions At Turning Points

“John Kosar at Asbury Research has provided us with timely research and has helped us to avoid making bad decisions at market turning points.   I use “Keys” (To This Week) as a part of my decision making process in equities and fixed income and eagerly wait for it on Monday mornings  Well worth the cost.

Investment Committee Partner, Registered Investment Advisor, Wisconsin

#10: Helping Open New Client Accounts

“Back in mid March (2012) I sent a prospect an e-mail with some text from an Asbury Research report that stated ‘we’re in the 8th or 9th inning of the current run up (in the US stock market, from the October 2011 lows) and the chances of the market going down is now greater than it continuing up’The market did indeed decline over the next 30 days (by- 11% into the June 2012 lows), and this afternoon the prospect came into my office and signed transfer paperwork to move a $1.1 million IRA over to me.”  “With that kind of information that helps me win accounts, I’ll probably be using Asbury for a long time to come.”

Principal, Wealth Management Firm, Greenville SC

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