This contrarian indicator says the market is a screaming buy

Midday on Thursday February 5th, John Kosar appeared on the Talking Numbers segment of CNBC’s Street Signs to display and discuss one of a handful of key market indicators that Asbury Research featured in a report to clients earlier in the week.

This particular indicator, a measure of retail investor sentiment and one of a one of a number of investor sentiment metrics Asbury Research tracks, has reached an historic low extreme that had previously coincided with the past 4 significant bottoms in the NASDAQ 100.

“The most recent time that they (retail investors) were this “least bullish” was back in mid-October,” said John Kosar, director of research at Asbury Research. “That was the last nice, tradable bottom we had in the Nasdaq 100.”

Asbury Research subscribers can read the entire report from which this media quote was excerpted, and can access all of our latest research plus an archive of previous reports, by logging into the Research Center.

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